ECIO are small but complete microcontroller boards based on around a PIC18 with a USB interface. The board and build in boot loader makes the processor very easy to use. The modules low cost makes it ideal for students, hobbyists and cost sensitive projects. ECIO is very easy use and program from SourceBoost IDE.

The onboard boot loader means that an external programmer is not required. The device is programmed in circuit using a USB cable.

There are two ECIO variants; ECIO-28P based around a PIC18F2455 in a 28pin DIL package and ECIO-40P based around a PIC18F4455 in a 40pin DIL package. The ECIO was designed by Matrix Multimedia for use with their FlowCode product, but this version of ECIO also works with SourceBoost Technologies BoostC, BoostC++ or BoostBasic compilers.

Despite their low cost there is no comprised the hardware design or functionality.
Here are some of the board features:

  • Program in 'C', compiled Basic, Flowcode or assembly language.
  • No Programmer Required, device is programmed in circuit using a boot loader and programmer application.
  • Rapid program download - just over 15 seconds for full size program.
  • Boot loader implemented in a modest 1k instructions.
  • Compact size DIP-28 (ECIO-28P) and DIP-40 (ECIO-40P) compatible.
  • PIC18F2455 (ECIO-28P) or PIC18F4455 (ECIO-40P).
  • Separate 4MHz ceramic resonator for USB interface.
  • 48MHz clock (12MIPS).
  • On board USB socket.
  • Status LED.
  • Reset button.
  • Powered from USB or 5V external power supply - jumper link selectable.

Some of the features of PIC18F2455 and PIC18F4455 used on ECIO boards:

  • 2 external interrupt sources.
  • Configurable inputs/outputs.
  • Asynchronous serial port.
  • PWM modulator.
  • Multiple channel 10 bits AD.
  • 24 K bytes FLASH (12 K instructions).
  • 2K bytes RAM.
  • 256 bytes EEPROM.
  • 4 Timers.

To ensure that ECIO suites your application before you purchase checkout the ECIO Data Sheet, ECIO-40P schematic, ECIO-28P schematic and the Microchip data sheets for the PIC18F2455/PIC18F4455.