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SourceBoost Package Contents

The SourceBoost package includes the following components:

  • SourceBoost IDE
  • Standard IDE plugins
  • BoostC++ C++ Compiler
  • BoostC C Compiler
  • BoostBasic Compiler

You can find the license limitations of these components here:

Looking for the additional SourceBoost IDE plugins downloads, then go here.

Looking for the ECIO downloads, then go here.

The appropriate compiler is activated or limitations are adjusted with the activation key supplied when you buy a license.

SourceBoost Package V7.30

Source Boost Software PackageSourceBoost Package for MS Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000:
SourceBoost Software Package V7.30(.zip file)
SourceBoost Software Package V7.30(.exe file)

Details of changes can be found here: Version Log

SourceBoost French translation


SourceBoost IDE has been translated into French by Christophe Peronnet.

To install:

  1. Download and install SourceBoost Software Package
  2. Download and unzip in the translation file into your SourceBoost installation directory.

Download French Translation here:
SourceBoost IDE V6.90 French Translation


Older SourceBoost Packages

Source Boost Software Package SourceBoost Software Package V7.12

SourceBoost Software Package V7.05

If you don't wish to use the latest release (maybe you only have a V5.x or V6.x license) you can still use the prior to V7.0 releases which can be downloaded from here:
SourceBoost Software Package V6.97

SourceBoost Software Package V5.9.7

Important For Matrix Multimedia users

MatrixMultiMediaIf you use C2C-plus compiler from Matrix Multimedia CD and want to upgrade it for the current C2C-plus compiler release you will need to buy a new license. Your original license will stop working!!!