Users Comments

"This is my first experience for working in boostbasic. Before, I was using P2C compiler. Certain functions that were not found in P2C are now present in boostbasic ( like 32 bit multiply and divide). Boostbasic incorporates all the functions that are present in BoostC. This boostbasic is a boon for the people who are good in writing codes in Visual Basic. I thank the authors for bringing up a good basic compiler."
Punerjot Mangat

What is BoostBasic

Boost Basic is a BASIC compiler that works with PIC18, PIC16 and some PIC12 processors.

BASIC is an acronym for Beginners All purpose Symbol Instruction Code. It is true to say that BoostBasic is for more than just beginners, its a professional programming language that follows the structure of other professional basic languages.

BoostBasic's code style is very similar to Microsoft Visual Basic, and so will be the preferred choice of VB programmers.

Checkout the BoostBasic compiler Reference Manual in PDF format here.

The BoostBasic compiler can be used with the SourceBoost IDE (Integrated Development Environment), or can be integrated into Microchip MPLAB.
BoostBasic works under MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.