Use of Examples

It can be very useful to look at someone else's working program to get some ideas when starting a project, or when you encounter a problem.

LCD, I2C and Serial Comms code by Punerjot Mangat

  1. Routines to access the I2C EEPROM)
  2. lcdbaslib.bas (Routines to use the 16x2 lcd)
  3. combaslib.bas (Routines to make a software USART with 2400 baud at 4Mhz)
  4. usartbaslib.bas (Routines to access inbuilt USART available at PORTC of pic16f877A)
  5. adcbaslib.bas (Routines to read the inbuilt ADC available at PORTA of pic16f877A)

Library Code

Sample Projects

Here are five sample projects to demonstrate the use of above libraries, i.e. i2cbaslib, lcdbaslib, combaslib,uartbaslib and adcbaslib. These projects should be compiled in sourceboost with boostbasic compiler. Note: All these five projects have been tested using 16x2 alphanumeric lcd (hd44780 compatible), 64K I2C ATMEL EEPROM, LM35(National Semiconductors) and PIC16F877A at 4Mhz.

The complete code and project files are here.