What is BoostC++

BoostC++ is our latest generation C++ compiler that works with PIC18, PIC16 and some PIC12 processors. This ANSI C compatible compiler supports features like source level debugging, signed data types, classes, structures/unions and pointers. The BoostC++ compiler is based on the well proven compiler engine of the BoostC.

The BoostC++ compiler can be used with the SourceBoost IDE (Integrated Development Environment), or can be integrated into Microchip MPLAB.
BoostC works under MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Take a look at the BoostC++ Compiler Reference Manual.

What's in the software package

When you download the SourceBoost software package you get the SourceBoost IDE, BoostC++ compiler and all the other SourceBoost compilers. The compilers and IDE are activated by using the appropriate activation key.

License Limitations

All license options for the BoostC++ 'C++' compiler support PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 Target Devices. Please check the supported devices list to confirm the devices you require are supported.

Upgrade Policy

All licenses get free minor revision upgrades. That means any BoostC++ V6.x license can be upgraded to the latest BoostC++ V6.x at zero cost.

Major revision upgrades are chargeable. That means you will have to pay an upgrade fee in order to upgraded BoostC++ V6.x license to a BoostC++ V7.x license.

Costs of upgrades from other compilers to BoostC++ can be found here.

Anyone with a current support subscription will get major revision upgrades for Free.