Published by Matrix Multimedia, Flowcode is a flow chart programming language. This makes flowcode an excellent introduction into programming PIC microcontrollers.

Behind the scenes the flow chart is turned into C-code which is then compiled by SourceBoost Technologies BoostC compiler.

The great advantage of Flowcode is that it allows those with little experience to create complex electronic systems in minutes.



  • Save time and money Flowcode facilitates the rapid design of electronic systems based on microcontrollers.
  • Easy to use interface Simply drag and drop charts on screen to create a electronic system without writing traditional code line by line.
  • Fast & flexible Flowcode has a host of high level component subroutines which means rapid system development. The flowchart programming method allows users of all abilities to develop microcontroller programs.
  • Error free results Flowcode works. What you design and simulate on screen is the result you get when you download to your microcontroller.
  • Open architecture Flowcode allows you to view commented C and ASM code for all programs created. Access circuit diagram equivalents to the system you design through our data sheets and support material.
  • Fully supported Flowcode is supported by a wide range of materials for learning about, and developing, electronic systems.

Three steps to a working program

Step1 Design

Flowcode contains standard flow chart icons and electronic components that allow you to create a virtual electronic system on screen. Use the drag and drop interface to create a program and click on each icon and component to set the actions and properties you need. The range of components is large and includes simple switches and LEDs, communication bus interfaces like I2C and SPI, and more advanced components such as Bluetooth and internet servers.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Allows complex systems to be developed and managed quickly
  • Supports PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 Flash PICmicro microcontrollers

Step2 Simulate

Once your system is designed you can use Flowcode to simulate it in action. Menu controls allow you to step through each icon in the program and see the effects on the on-screen components, and on the PICmicro microcontroller itself. Test the system’s functionality by clicking on switches or altering sensor values, and see how your program manages the changes in the electronic system.

  • Simulation aids understanding
  • Debug before download
  • Shorten the design cycle

Step3 Download

When you are satisfied with your design click one button to send the program to your PICmicro microcontroller device. Flowcode produces standard Hex code for PICmicro microcontollers and is compatible with most programmers. Flowcode is directly compatible with the E-blocks range of modular electronics modules.

  • Compiles to C then ASM then Hex
  • Link in your own C or ASM files
  • Immediately download to your PICmicro program


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