Upgrade Options

Upgrades allow existing users to find a cost effective pathway to the latest generation compiler.

Minor revision updates of the same product are free. Simply download the latest SourceBoost installation package.

To speed up delivery of new license keys, please provide the details of your current license including; existing product name, existing user name, license key, supplier details, order number. We have to verify eligibility before any new license keys are issued.

Prefer to Program in C++?

The BoostC++ compiler has all the functionality of the BoostC compiler with the addition of C++ features. Existing BoostC code can be compiled with the BoostC++ Compiler without any changes. There are a range of competitive options to upgrade from the BoostC to the BoostC++ compiler too.


BoostC Standard 7.x to BoostC Full License US $59.95


BoostC Full 7.x to BoostC Pro License US $99.95


BoostC Full 6.x to 7.x License US $49.95


BoostC Pro 6.x to 7.x License US $99.95


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Please note: Once a license has been upgraded the old license is still valid for use. But the old license cannot be used again for an upgrade.