Use of Examples

It can be very useful to look at someone else's working program to get some ideas when starting a project, or when you encounter a problem.

PIC18 Modbus Protocol Stack

A GNU licenced Modbus protocol stack implementation that has been ported to the PIC18 processor using the BoostC compiler. Code ported by: This code also has an option to use Novo RTOS.







The complete project is available here.

PWM Fan Speed Controlller

A demonstration ion program, using a PIC18F2520, of how to scan a matrix keypad and control a DC fan speed using PWM. This code uses Novo RTOS making the code much simpler. Author: David Hobday.

The complete project is available here.

LED Chaser

This project envolves the connection of20 LED's to the 5 GPIO port of a PIC12F629. The LED's are then switch on and off in sequence to create a light chaser. Author: Richard Haley

Secure Access using DS1990 iButton

This program implements a very simple secure access control using a DS1990 iButton as the key.
This program contains all the necessary routines for the handling of the “one wire” protocol. The serial number read is compared with five serial numbers stored in internal EEPROM of the the microcontoller. If the serial number read matches with any of the serial numbers stored in the memory the relay is activated. Auhor: Armando Novello.


Example for BoostC compiler including the whole project that shows how to use onboard USB on PIC18F2455 (by Robert Lang)

USB Library and Samples

Developed by Ian Harris, the PicPack includes full source code of a USB library and sample programs targeted at PIC18s devices.

The PicPack can be downloaded from:

PIC16 Floating point Math Routines

A conversion of Microchips floating point code that compiles under BoostC.
The complete project can be downloaded from here.

The library is free of errors present in the original apart from a slight
problem with rounding numbers greater then the fp mantissa which will not
necessarily give closest floating point representation (the 'unbiased'

AC motor Speed control

Speed control for a single-phase AC motor using Microchip's Picdem MC demo board and BoostC compiler (by Dan McFarland).


Example code for PICDEM 2 PLUS board and ICD2 for BoostC compiler by Dan McFarland. Functions included: LCD, Voltmeter, Buzzer, Temperature, Clock.


Some handy bit shifting functions by Lieven Hollevoet.


PIC16 ADC Functions

Useful Analogue to digital converter routines by Lieven Hollevoet.

PIC16 Hardware Uart Functions

Hardware UART interface functions by Lieven Hollevoet.

PIC16 Non-Blocking use of SPI hardware

Clever use of interrupts that allows use of SPI interface without code execution being blocked by Lieven Hollevoet.

Interface to External CAN Controller

4 Bit LCD Interface Functions

Code to interface to the classic 4 bit parallel LCD interface.

PIC16F BootLoader

EK BoostLoad V3.0 is a bootloader, written in C by Ryan Davis using the BoostC compiler, for some PIC16F devices.


PIC12 Infra Red

IR obstacle detector for PIC12F629 and IR Remote Control Receiver RPM7138 with circuit for BoostC compiler(by Tsvetelin Velkov)

I2C Master and Slave

Code to use I2C hardware on a PIC16F877A. Includes hardware schematics (by Bernard van der Nest). The code uses the BoostC standard RS232 and I2C driver code.

I2C Master Project Files:

I2C Slave Project Files:

Hardware Schematic files:

All the files including SourceBoost IDE project files:

Other source code can be found here:


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