Language Translations

SourceBoost IDE and Documentation has been designed so that it can easily be translated to different languages.

Please let us know if you translate the IDE and Documentation to any language then we can share this work with other users.

How to Translate

There are 2 main parts that need to be translated:

  • Documentation
  • Software.

Documentation Translation

With documentation it's simple. All documentation exists as HTML documents. You just grab the files from SourceBoost installation and translate them.

Software Translation

The SourceBoost IDE has all language dependant resources in language DLLs.
To port the IDE to another language all you need to do is to port these language DLLs.


Tools Required

You need to have a PC with MS Windows and MSVC++ 6.0


Language DLLs Source Code

Download language DLLs projects from here.


Translation Process

Here is the suggested work flow:

  1. Open the DLL project in MSVC 6.0;
  2. Translate all resources and adjust size and position of controls in dialogs as with new text their size may change;
  3. Build DLLs;
  4. Copy the produced DLLs into the SourceBoost installation directory. Next time you start SourceBoost IDE after this it will appear using the new translation;
  5. Check menus, dialogs and other text related IDE parts and and do necessary corrections.
  6. Send us the translation and we will publish it. (Please only send once everything looks good).