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ExclamationMark SourceBoost IDE is probably the most feature-rich IDE among others that exist for the PIC today. We are open for business contacts with other companies to integrate their tools (not only PIC related) like tool chains, compilers, debuggers, simulators etc. into SourceBoost IDE. If you are interested in this kind of business relations please send a mail to support@sourceboost.com


Porting from Hi-Tech to BoostC: "...I am absolutely ecstatic about the BoostC compiler and support team. I trust the product will continue to grow as it did. I ported and tested my application in 10 hours! I now have 19% more code space available, and this after building in new code features much needed to take my sample product from hobby to commercial production. No need for the 12F683 processor, BoostC eliminated the requirement for extra memory. I hope to succeed in my venture and will buy the Pro License with "no doubt whatsoever" the day I commercialize..."
Bernard van der Nest
"...I have been using this compiler for 30 days now and would recommend it to anyone. I have used Hi-Tech, Bytecraft, MPLAB C & a few others compilers in the past, and I think this is by far the best. And it is also the most reasonably priced as well. Don't think I will ever go back to another compiler..."
Carl Duncan
"...Very nice implementation of bit access! This will for sure out stand BoostC from competition! Nice surprises for an Object Pascal guy those extensions for passing argument By Reference, Function Overloading and Templates ... Very *impressive* ... Good luck with BoostC. It´s really very good and you deserve it!..."
Luiz Domingues
"...I'm constantly admiring what your compiler makes these little PICs do..."
Ulrich Jelinek
"...Thanks very much for all of your responses. You have an excellent product. Keep up the good work and I hope you have great success..."
Barry Cromwell
Novo RTOS ECIO BoostBasic BoostC++ BoostC

Compiler Suppliers and Developers

SourceBoost Technologies are developers and suppliers of low cost, high performance cross compilers, simulators and development environments for 8 bit microcontrollers.

Many tools of this nature already exist; but these tools have been found to be cost prohibitive by many users. Additionally some users have found that the existing tools do not offer the same level of usability and support as SourceBoost Technologies products.

SourceBoost Technologies products are aimed at both the hobbyist and the professional user, especially those with a tight budget. Special low priced licenses are available for the hobbyist/non-commercial user. This means that everyone should be able to afford a license for the high quality products of SourceBoost Technologies.

The compilers we sell mainly target PIC microcontrollers from Microchip.

News April 2020

SourceBoost V8.01

Sorted out false positives on SourceBoost from Virus Total

SourceBoost V8.00

SourceBoost is now FREE. Version 8.00 is available to download. We are crawling trough our web site to bring it up-to-date. Please ignore references to licensing if you find any.

News April 2018

SourceBoost V7.43 is available to download

Fixed several issues found in Chameleon and BoostC compilers. Added support for rom objects into Chameleon compiler. Added Chameleon help.

News August 2017

SourceBoost V7.42 is available to download

Added artificial neural network sample for Chameleon compiler. Fixed various errors in Chameleon compiler related to floating point processing. Fixed SourceBoosty IDE crash when watching floating point arrays. Added option to add system library to a project in SourceBoost IDE

News August 2017

SourceBoost V7.41 is available to download

Support for "Chameleon" compiler added to Mplab X. Added support for new PIC18 targets. Check version log for more details

News July 2017

SourceBoost V7.40 is available to download

A new C compiler "Chameleon" for PIC16 and PIC16 added to SourceBoost installation. It's fast, free and 95% backward compatible with BoostC compiler

News May 2015

SourceBoost V7.30 is available to download

Improved compiler speed (about 3 times), added IP library (IP,UDP,DHCP,ARP,UDP sockets) and other improvements. Check version log for more details

News February 2014

SourceBoost V7.22 is available to download

Added support for UART and LCD drivers into the project wizard (this became possible after integration of the Lua language into the project wizard). This release also contains several other updates and bug fixes. Check version log for more details

News January 2014

SourceBoost V7.21 is available to download

This is a new feature and bug fix release. Check version log for more details

News May 2013

SourceBoost V7.12 is available to download

This is a bug fix release. Check version log for more details

News February 2013

SourceBoost V7.11 is available to download

A recommend update which includes:

  1. Bug fixes Novo RTOS , BoostC Compiler and BoostLink linker.
  2. Support for additional target devices

News July 2012

SourceBoost V7.10 is available to download

Updates include: fully functional MplabX integration; a number of new target devices; updates to library code and other bug fixes. A highly recommend update for all users.

News December 2011

SourceBoost V7.05 is available to download

Added support for MplabX integration (beta), fixed several issues reported by the users, added support for more new targets.

News February 2011

SourceBoost V7.02 is available to download

Fixed multiple issues reported by the users in compilers and IDE. Added support for more new targets.

News October 2010

SourceBoost V7.01 is available to download

Fixed build problem introduced in V7, added support for complex numeric expressions in built-in assembly, debugger can now evaluate really complex expressions + other small fixes and improvements.

News September 2010

SourceBoost V7.0 is ready

SourceBoost Version V7.0 is ready and available to download. New features include workspace support, reworked debugger core, parallel compilation, remote build server, long arrays, support for PIC16F1x instruction set and many others.

News May 2010

SourceBoost V7.0 release immanent

Version V7.0 of the Sourceboost package is to be release in the next few months. This release will include IDE enhancements, improved versions of the BoostC and BoostC++ compilers and other new features. All users purchasing a V6.xx license for the BoostC, BoostC++ or BoostBasic compilers from now on will be entitled to a FREE upgrade to V7.0 (does not apply to stand alone extra node licenses).

News November 2009

PIC16F19xx Devices Supported

Beta release of the SourceBoost package has been released. Now BoostC/BoostC++/BoostBasic compilers have support for PIC16F19xx targets. These new targets have an enhanced PIC16 instruction set that reduces the code size for many operations regularly performed when high level programming language are used. The release can be downloaded from here.

News May 2009

As more and more users find that NOVO RTOS can simplify their projects, the SourceBoost IDE project wizard gets Novo RTOS options. This allows a correctly configured project that uses Novo RTOS to be generated very rapidly.

News 2008

BoostC++ new affordable license option and upgrades available

Following the success of the BoostC++ compiler Pro licence a new license variant is now available. The BoostC++ compiler Full license makes the all the BoostC++ functionality available to non-commercial users. Also a range of BoostC to BoostC++ upgrades are now available. This is a great opportunity for hobbyists, students and other non-commercial users to write and develop C++ code for Microchip PICs at an affordable cost.

Users Develop Free USB stack source code

BoostC compiler users have implemented code for USB protocol stack on PIC18 targets. Unlike some other USB protocol stack code available, this source code has no licensing limitations so that users can freely share code derivatives and improvements. Sample code is available including examples of a mouse and a USB serial port. The majority of the code has been developed by BoostC user Ian Harris and the source code can be downloaded from embeddedadventures.blogspot.com

BoostBasic Compiler Commercial Version is launched

BoostBasic reaches maturity and is launched as a commercial version. The BoostBasic programming language is similar to Microsoft Visual Basic both in structure and syntax. It offers Microsoft Visual Basic programmers an easy route into PIC Microcontroller programming. The BoostBasic compiler generates code that is targeted at PIC Microcontrollers. it uses a very similar compilation engine to that of the BoostC compiler, and so generates compact and efficient code.

Ascent Vario flight logger uses BoostC Compiler.

Another commercial product is launched that uses the BoostC compiler and Development environment to generate its specialized controlling code. The Ascent Vario, by Ascent Products, is a device designed for use in paragliding. The device displays altitude, relative altitude, max altitude/max climb rate, time/flight duration and more on a high resolution LCD display. It also has a built in logger that records the data of up to 200 flights.

News 2007

BoostC++ first commercial release now available

Following the implementation of additional C++ features, like destructors and virtual functions, BoostC++ has now moved from alpha/beta release to its first commercial full release. Building on the strengths of the BoostC compiler, BoostC++ provides additional application leverage of an object oriented programming language.

XBox 360 Tilt Board Controller goes commercial

A cleverly designed board that converts a standard XBox 360 controller into a motion sensitive controller has been developed by Adam Thole. The design uses an accelerometer and a PIC Microcontroller to convert motion into analog signals compatible with the XBox 360 controller. The microcontroller code has been written in 'C' using the BoostC compiler so that it can perform all the necessary signal processing and calculations in real time. You can find the details and video of the controller in action here.

Novo RTOS Reaches Maturity

Novo RTOS is a Real Time Operating System that uses a co-operative task scheduler. This operating system transforms the coding style of applications making them easier to write, more readable and maintainable. Processes can be split down into separate tasks instead of using the classic super loop and state machine methodology.

A number of projects using Novo RTOS have now been completed by commercial users proving that Novo RTOS is a solid basis for applications that use multiple tasks.

Novo Features:

  • RTOS for PIC12, PIC16, PIC18.
  • Works with BoostC and BoostC++ compilers.
  • Support Multiple tasks.
  • Multiple task priorities.
  • Small RAM and ROM usage.
  • Wait for event and event signaling.
  • Minimal affects on interrupt latency.
  • Call depth limited only by RAM.
  • Sleeping task.
  • Tasks can yield at any call depth.
  • Highly affordable Price.

About SourceBoost Technologies:

SourceBoost Technologies are always striving to meet or exceed the customer requirements. We are a small software house who can rapidly respond to the needs and requests of our users. It is this ability along with innovative ideas that has allowed SourceBoost Technologies' products to be the favored choice of many people.

SourceBoost Technologies also develop:

  • Compiler and simulator solutions for micro controller manufactures or other parties.
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) applications for use in tool chains, with compilers or for other applications.
  • General MS Windows applications of any nature.
  • Custom Hardware design for microcontroller applications.

Quotations available on request.


Contributors Wanted!

If you are interested in contributing to the SourceBoost project then look here.